What will you be doing in April 2016? Or is it too early to project that far into the future? Happily, technology geeks don’t share your outlook. Everything in their world is about delivering faster, easier and friendlier tools for web development, so it’s no surprise that “the best web design tool ever”—an app with the clever name Speedwapp—is on deck for spring 2016.

In a fairly short amount of time, Speedwappsters have not just crafted a business plan and fleshed out their project, but an aggressive fundraising campaign is underway to make sure this success story has a happy ending. Want to know why Speedwapp has such potential and how you can be part of this amazing effort? Keep reading!

What Is Speedwapp?

It could be the answer to your prayers if you want to control the design of your website rather than paying someone else to do it. Speedwapp gives you the wherewithal to accomplish this goal without an iota of IT training and while you’ll have the ability to grab huge hunks of cyber traffic once your site is up and running, you don’t have to pay maintenance fees. Sound impossible or implausible? It won’t once this web creation app is fully developed and ready for use come spring of 2016.

How Does Speedwapp Work?

As the first collaborative and community tool for open source management systems like WordPress, Bootstrap and Synfony 2, Speedwapp turns developers and designers loose to do what they do best: rapidly prototype websites and build them “with ease” thanks to clean, well-structured source code that winds up in the hands of people seeking to launch their own websites.

If you love geniuses who have a talent for putting together the right components, you’ll celebrate the entrepreneurs behind Speedwapp. They dislike closed, proprietary platforms more than you do, thus your desire for a blog, commercial website or self-promotional vehicle is easily and artfully achieved, yet you don’t have to know a thing about the technical or creative aspects of website design and maintenance to make this app work for you.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Don’t be a skeptic! Speedwapp is as Speedwapp does. There are just three steps between wanting a website and getting one courtesy of this intuitive technology:

  1. You browse Speedwapp pre-configured templates to find one that suits your fancy or ask them to start from scratch to deliver your vision.
  2. You use their website editor to fine tune everything, including navigation, so it’s exactly what you need and want.
  3. You stash your new website under the Speedwapp.com domain or put it on a dedicated server and voila! You’re up and running.

We know what you’re thinking; this seems too easy. We get it. But, in fact, things are even rosier once you explore the parameters of your new website and find out how easy it is to maintain, update and enhance. You can import Balsamiq mockups and morph them into dynamic web pages and throughout the entire process, you have complete control over your site—including having your source code delivered in HTML, CSS or bootstrap template format. WordPress and Prestashop template creation tools will also be on the menu.

Want to have a hands-on of how Speedwapp works? Test it here:

Want To Support Something Meaningful? Consider Speedwapp Right Now!

Is There More?

You bet. Turn to Speedwapp once it’s available to take advantage of the following handy features:

  • Real-time previews that incorporate your changes as soon as you make them
  • Reusable headers, menus and footers (drop your logo or a repetitive graphic onto pages to drive home your ID)
  • Create signature components/features and share them with like-minded users
  • Invite others to contribute to a work in progress since this is a collaborative tool that’s teamwork friendly
  • Build your site with the help of Speedwapp icons, textures, graphics and other attention-getting elements
  • Solicit feedback from professionals to make your site look terrific and navigate effortlessly
  • Expect our powerful engine to adjust automatically so screen formats on your devices display properly
  • Help yourself to free resources that run the gamut from templates and components to animations
  • Have fun creating and customizing your website using the drag-and-drop tools at your disposal

Become Part of Speedwapp Success

As a start-up, they require a variety of support. First, believe in them! Their goals and their concepts are not just viable but valuable and their vision is unshakable: They intend to produce a website design application for open source technologies that’s been needed for far too long, delivering on their promise to have it ready for the market in 2016.

As they gratefully receive support from believers around the world, and in the interest of transparency, they inform their supporters of exactly how they intend to allocate the €50,000 necessary to cover public beta (€10,000), template development (€10,000) and WordPress version creation (€30,000). Given this transparency and their commitment to excellence, response to their project has been overwhelming, but their future remains in your hands!

Visit their Kickstarter page to learn how you can join other believers to help make our Speedwapp vision real! Small donations are the foundation of their fundraising efforts; every little bit helps as they strive to meet their 15 November 2015 deadline.

Speedwapp Kickstarter

Won’t you become a Speedwappster and help drive this innovation through the roof and into the hands of the people who need it the most? Once we’re up and running, you get bragging rights, so you can tell everyone you meet that you were one of their earliest and most enthusiastic backers!

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Want To Support Something Meaningful? Consider Speedwapp Right Now!