For an idea as romantic as flying the world, visiting the unknown, traveling the globe and mingling with strangers, we seem to hold in our hands the most boring representation of that romantic notion: the technical, square, plain-looking flight boarding pass.

In these travel documents, design is almost always an after-thought, beyond the piles of data, barcodes and the obligatory airline logo. Let’s face it, how many of you collect boarding passes, for the design? That’s what I thought.

If concept designers can ever teach you anything, it is that there is no excuse to sidetrack design especially when it comes to branding. As these following examples will easily show, it’s time we give our boarding passes a much-needed facelift.

Here are 20 beautiful and practical printed and digital boarding pass designs you need to see.

IMAGE: Michael Grafenberger

IMAGE: Rafael Eifler

IMAGE: Jose Bautista

IMAGE: Lisa Fischer

IMAGE: Dan Tsonkov

IMAGE: Tallman

IMAGE: Miroslav Rajković

IMAGE: Tobia Crivellari

IMAGE: Yiwen Lu

IMAGE: Joey Banks

IMAGE: Alex Chernault

IMAGE: Aaron Cui

IMAGE: Victoria Tsukanova

IMAGE: Max Di Capua

IMAGE: Muawwaz Yoosuf

IMAGE: Kirill Tsyganyuk

IMAGE: Jordan Springstroh

IMAGE: Tintins


IMAGE: Aurélien Salomon

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