Ensuring that your Facebook account is only accessible to people you know can be an overwhelming experience as the social network service has a privacy setting menu that is rather extensive.

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In an attempt to make these crucial security settings more accessible to everyone, Facebook has launched a new “Privacy Basics” page that breaks down all parts of Facebook’s privacy settings into bite-sized chunks.

Designed with the less tech-savvy in mind, Facebook’s new Privacy Basics is an interactive manual that highlights the service’s many tools that help you protect your privacy. The walkthrough is split into four separate categories, with each category having subsections of their own.

manage privacy

Clicking on a subsection will open up a guide that gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of that particular feature in the form of slides. On top of the helpful guides, Privacy Basics also comes with a Privacy Checkup feature. This feature functions as a checklist of sorts that lets you make sure that only authorized people are able to view your account.

preview of view as
privacy check up

Besides making sure that the information on the page is presented in a simple and straightforward fashion, Facebook has also made the Privacy Basics page available in 44 different languages. This allows non-native English speakers to learn about Facebook’s privacy settings without the need to struggle with the language barrier.

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Facebook Makes its Privacy Settings Easier to Grasp With “Privacy Basics”