It’s already November and we are near the end of 2015. You might already be making plans for expanding your career or business, drafting a new list of new year resolutions, checking out gift ideas or even creating gifts (for example, beautiful calendars) to give away to your clients.

On that note, if your plan is to create calendars to gift to your clients, collaborators or freelancers — one that carries your brand or company name — then you will absolutely love this compilation of gorgeous calendar designs.

From modern and minimalistic to funky and fabulous, these calendar designs can help you look forward to a new year. Some of them are also available as printables but you will have to click in to the source to get the files you need.


IMAGE: Peter von Freyhold and OUI R Creative Studio

IMAGE: ElisaSept

IMAGE: IrenaSophia

IMAGE: EyePoetryPhotography

IMAGE: TheNativeState

IMAGE: Anietillustration

IMAGE: QuotesandProse

IMAGE: rforrhoda

IMAGE: 51FIVEdesigns

IMAGE: OipsStore

IMAGE: O.OO Risograph printing & design Room

IMAGE: Sunga Park

IMAGE: DesignDifferent

IMAGE: ModernPrintedMatter

IMAGE: MokileArt

IMAGE: NationalParkArt

IMAGE: rachelspuzzlethings

IMAGE: amberartdesign

IMAGE: maedchenwahn

IMAGE: doublebuttons

IMAGE: AndSoItGoesShop

IMAGE: ModernPrintedMatter

IMAGE: GreenBeanThings

IMAGE: Saksham Verma and Barkha Gupta

IMAGE: Mikhail Laptev

IMAGE: Ana Varela

IMAGE: Alejandro Narváez

IMAGE: Marieken Hensen

IMAGE: Arina Pozdnyak

IMAGE: Regio

IMAGE: Multiple Owners

IMAGE: RebeccaStonerDesigns

IMAGE: mademoiselleyo

IMAGE: TwoBrushesDesigns

IMAGE: Beaisfor

IMAGE: slanted

IMAGE: Martina Friedli

IMAGE: Szende Brassai / Adline

IMAGE: Maria Deligiorgi and tind

IMAGE: ErinVaughan

IMAGE: Samantha Симпсон and Jono Alderson

IMAGE: shannonpix

IMAGE: Marita

IMAGE: nataliecreatesshop

IMAGE: 1canoe2

MAGE: ILovePrintable

IMAGE: GrainandDot

IMAGE: Gingiber


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