If you are a startup or even an established company, you will need your own web developer to fuel your business in today’s, highly competitive market. With the need for simplicity and ease, web applications and websites are a need for every business.

In order to grow your business first, you will need a web developer, but when you have found a web developer how do you make sure he is competent enough for your web project?

This is where Tests4Geeks comes into play. Tests for Geeks is a web based testing service which helps you to hire competent web developers by having them to go through an online competency test.

The service allows you to gauge your candidate’s skills and knowledge of a programming topic, such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby and more.

Hiring a PHP Developer

PHP is a popular server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. So it’s inevitable that your web project will be using it. For this instance, your candidate can go through 5 different tests that are related to PHP. The PHP test has 20 questions and it’s have been updated recently to keep inline with the language.

Want to Hire a PHP Guru?

I managed to get a score of 30 out of 39 questions correct for the PHP & MySQL Test which is for Mid Level Programmers, pretty impressive eh?

Cut down Hiring Time

Take this as a pre-hiring screening, time is especially important in startup and business. So you will be glad that this service can actually help. But this doesn’t mean this service can help to test the characters and personality of the candidate!

So if you feel that the test is not practical enough, why not give yourself a shot to see if you are able to get all of them correct. If you know nothing about programming, ask your CTO to do it!

Once you are happy with the results, it’s time to put your candidates to the test.

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Want to Hire a PHP Guru? See If They Pass These Programming Tests!