10 Tips for Effective Web Designs

How does a web designer know what to do in terms of creating a great design for a web page? Talent and experience would help them make the small decisions like picking out a color or which shape would fit a page.

But there are times when the job gets too overwhelming. All of the industry’s best web designers have hit a design wall many times in their career. Getting stuck in a rut is a problem but not something you can’t deal with. All you need is the right approach.


When you have these practical tips in mind, no web design job can get too overpowering to handle:

  • Begin with a basic color scheme – The colors that jump out of the page must be consistent with the client’s logo. But on instances where you have to start from nothing, use the basic schemes you can find from popular websites.
  • Follow old templates – Having a template to follow takes almost half of the web designer’s job away. That’s because spacing or blocking elements together on a page is already done and dealt with. There’s nothing wrong with using old templates.
  • Make navigation easy – Always remember to keep the users in mind when making web designs. Think of how they would navigate the site and then take your cues from there.
  • Make it special effects simple – Don’t go overboard with special effects on a web page. Yes, making a page visually appealing could use some special effects but too much of the spinning or flashing stuff confuses the user sometimes. It also takes the attention away from real content.
  • Wow with content – For SEO purposes, create a website with real content that engages the user. Keep them relevant and understandable. Also, think of using font and text size that’s visually manageable.
  • Link out – Always provide links to the important pages on the website. This is practical to use on sites that plan on having 15 pages or more. If you want the user to get to the last page, make it worth the effort.
  • Reign in Social Media principles – Don’t forget to link social media pages This is how you can direct new users to the site. These days, people take to social media for everything. It would be good to reach target audiences where they thrive.
  • Include search features – For websites that have more than 5 pages on them, always make sure to include search feature. This would greatly cut down navigation time in half without losing the interest right away.
  • Stay away from Flash animation – These days, the fastest website to load is the most successful one. That’s because users are impatient. They need to get something done without delays. In which case, never employ anything using Flash designs because that takes too much time to load.

The Bottom Line

If a job becomes too much, take a breath. No great web designs were made in a rushed state of mind. When all else fails you, these practical tips would get you started and done in no time.