One of the predictions of this year that slowly but surely is coming true is a gradual and unobtrusive switch to code-free web development. We have seen an exponential growth of website builders everywhere.

From simple solutions that let you compose primitive pages from pre-made components brick by brick to advanced and feature-rich generators that not only give you an opportunity to craft a complex layout but also customize it from all flanks. The diversity is encouraging and stimulating.

As a rule, the majority of available builders are centered around the same core range of tools that are considered to be essential for prototyping projects. However, this does not mean that they are all identical. They are cognate and akin, but each one has its piquancy and shtick.

If you value high-quality, professionalism and friendliness that are carefully encapsulated into one instrument, then you should give Simbla’s website builder a try.


Simbla - A New Effective Website Builder

Combining the best traditional traits and some unique and exceptional features, this website builder will help to bring into life any sort of idea without requiring any knowledge in development and design.

The team has taken care of everything. The platform is up to good-looking stylish professionally manufactured websites that comply with current standards and meet the modern trends. With Simbla you will certainly make your presence felt in the Internet.

What to Expect

Simbla - A New Effective Website Builder

Among the numerous features, you will find in here:

  • Drag & Drop Interface. This is the easiest, the simplest and the most elegant way to shape your concept within minutes. It comprises a dozen of functional blocks that are broken into various categories to cover all the possible variants. Just place the widget or box in the location you need to thereby quickly recreating the desired architecture. What’s more, you can also assign the color just by clicking on an icon.
  • Responsiveness. Under that term, the team implies a full compatibility for desktops, tablets and cell-phones with some tricks to ensure mobile-friendliness. You should leave your worries about its graceful adaptation for various devices since the system does all the heavy lifting.
  • SEO-Friendliness. Despite being critical and vital for every project this aspect usually remains overlooked, though not this time. The boilerplate equips you with a correctly generated sitemap, metadata, 301 references, synchronization with Google Analytics, etc.
  • Hosting with a Top Protection. When it comes to security questions, the team is determined and serious as ever. There are no compromises: safety is a number one priority here. Advanced servers farm that is located in the US provides your website with a safe location. This ensures that your valuable data including all the images, videos, and of course, text is under lock and key.
  • Affordable Prices. There are options for every taste and budget. Starting with a plan that will cost you absolutely nothing (and with all that it offers a domain and 300Mb storage) and ending with an exclusive option with a full pack of features that is worth a little more than $ 20, you can choose your way to experience the platform. And if it is not for you, just walk away, the team will return your money.
  • Last but not least, Bootstrap Compatibility. Although this feature more likely will be appreciated by developers, since regular users won’t be able to see the difference. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that if you know how to derive benefits from this incredible grid system, then it will take your project to the next level.

The Website Wizard

If you are not satisfied with a collection of predefined themes, that by the way look simply amazing, then The Website Wizard will solve your issues. This dialog tool will walk you through the routine of creating a website of your dream in an unobtrusive and simplified way. There are just seven small steps that you need to take.

First of all, enter the description of your future project, and upload your logo. After that, you should decide whether the one-page website is enough for describing your company or you need more complex multi-page structure. If the minimal approach is for you, then go straight to customizing homepage layout. However, if you feel the urge to create something big then add as many pages as you need to.

The front page will be constructed from several sections, such as header, footer, and content so that you are obliged to modify them all. Note: the first two will appear across all the pages.

Next, add some sprucing up with the colorization. Choose the palette among the dozen available.

And finally, edit images, place chunks of text and customize it the way you want to.

If you are satisfied, you can link the project to your domain.

As you can see the team has taken care of creating an instrument that is pretty simple, intuitive and intelligent.

The Theme Maker

Simbla - A New Effective Website Builder

The theme maker is a standard customization toolbox that put customers in the driver’s seat by giving them powers to alter every detail of interface within seconds. You are welcome to

  • set color, image or pattern for a background;
  • change fonts, coloring, icons and styles for blocks;
  • assign color for text, links, titles, buttons and much more.

Do whatever you like in order to make the UI fit your brand, exude a proper image and charm with a personality and unique atmosphere.

Add Icing on the Cake

Simbla - A New Effective Website Builder

The team has also prepared extra bonuses. There are some cool features that will make your project look even stronger, more exceptional and stylish. For example,

  • The pattern for a background. Upload the pixel-perfect decoration to give the design a touch of artistry.
  • Video library. Using videos in headers and front pages is a huge trend nowadays. It is also an excellent way to add dynamics, draw the attention, convey the message more effectively and strengthen the atmosphere. And Simbla is perfectly aware of all that. It has a gallery with a ton of short films that are fallen in such categories as business & tech, nature, animals, peoples, food & beverage, urban and mood. If you are failed to find here the piece to satisfy your cravings, then you can always upload one from the desktop or the Web. The editor is pretty flexible.

There are also promotional tools, accessibility tools and much more. Log in to find out all the hidden perks.

Final Words

Simbla is one of the few website builders that do not stay still. It is evolving and becoming mature. The next big thing is almost here. The team is preparing to take a really important step forward by creating an online database platform that is linked to the current version of builder’s UI.

It will give an opportunity to generate sterling fully functional web applications with beautiful designs and stylish features. In several weeks, you will be able to enjoy the renewed framework and play with its improved environment.

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Simbla – A New Effective Website Builder