Essential Web Design Features for an E-Commerce Site
The difference between a business website and an e-commerce site lies with design. For online stores, it is not enough to have a 'beautiful' website. It needs to go beyond being attractive to being functional, leading potential customers to the …
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It’s near the end of 2015 and we keep the freebies coming. This compilation contains amazing branding mockups, plenty of good-looking templates and some pretty cool text effects.

Also in the list are UI tools, kits, styles, amazing and diverse icons, stylish fonts, web templates in PSD format, unique WordPress themes and plugins and more. To get the resources, visit the source via the links provided. If these aren’t to your liking, please check out our earlier compilations at these links:

Inkallicons: 150 Ink Line Style Icons

Inkallicons is a set of 150 line style icons in Ai and SVG formats crafted with an ink-like trace and featuring effects that give them a realistic look.

Inkallicons: 150 Ink Line Style Icons

World Landmark Vector Icons

A set of 18 vector icons that feature quite a defined line style in order to represent several of the most known landmarks in the world.

Bitsies: Line Color Vector Icons Set

Bitsies is a set of 143 vector icons that feature a line trace in several widths and colors, released free for personal and commercial use.

Bitsies: Line Color Vector Icons Set

Office and Business Vector Icon Pack

A pack of 92 icons related to business and office topics released in several vector formats and additional PNG previews ranging from 64 to 512 pixels.

Office and Business Vector Icon Pack

FlagKit: 180 Flag Sketch Icons Library

FlagKit is a Sketch icon library that features over 180 flags of countries and organizations across the world, ready to be called from Swift coding.

FlagKit: 180 Flag Sketch Icons Library

170 Line Icons Set

A set of 170 icons released in PSD format that feature a line style representing miscellaneous elements.

170 Miscellaneous Line Icons Set

Blobs: Flat Colorful Icons Pack

Blobs is a pack of 1000 icons that feature a pure flat design delivered in Ai, PSD and SVG formats.

Blobs: Flat Colorful Icons Pack

iOS 9 Sketch Keyboard Kit

A kit of several iOS 9 keyboard templates in both light and dark style featuring Qwerty layouts, emoticons, numerical keyboards and other keys.

iOS 9 Sketch Keyboard Kit

24 Flat Mockups of Apple Devices

A set of 24 flat mockups representing most of the current Apple devices collection such as Apple Watch, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBooks.

24 Apple Devices Flat Mockups

Diverse Device Hands (Mockups)

Diverse Device Hands is a set of regular mockups featuring a range of hand-held mobile devices with different screen sizes.

Diverse Device Hands: Hand-held Devices Mockup

Mydesk: Desk Item Mockup Set

MyDesk is a set of 50 mockups representing several desktop items such as cameras, coffee cups, keys, USD drives, and more.

Mydesk: Desk Items Mockup Set

T-Shirt PSD Mockup Set

A set of 10 photorealistic mockups that allow you to feature your design in several positioned T-Shirts which can be edited via Photoshop smart objects.

T-Shirt PSD Mockups Set

Newspaper Design Inclusion Mockup

A set of 14 photorealistic mockups that allow you to feature your ad designs in newspaper sections of different sizes and placements.

Newspaper Design Inclusion Mockup

Blurring Image Filter

Blur Like Jony is an image filter plugin for Photoshop inspired by Apple's iOS blurring effect, allowing you to showcase your edition in a dark, light or extra light mode.

iOS Blurring-like Image Filter

Style Tiles: Sketch App Template for Startups Design

Style tiles is a template for Sketch App that allows you to design logos by helping you manage the proportions of your design color scheme.

Style Tiles: Sketch App Template for Startups Design

Stone Text Effect

A Photoshop effect that gives your text an amazing stone texture in a 3D perspective. It's best suited for sharp edged fonts.

Stone Photoshop Text Effect Material & Flat UI Resources is a web tool for designers that feature material design colors, icons and flat UI colors collections available for direct download or color code copy-to-clipboard. Material & Flat UI Resources

Core: Colorful iOS UI Kit

CORE UI Kit comes with 12 fully editable high-quality screens of the 9 most common categories. This kit comes in PSD format including artboards to work with Adobe PS CC 2015.

Core: Colorful iOS UI Kit

U.S. Web Design Standards

An open source project that aims to collect and curate style guidelines used by US government sites.

U.S. Web Design Standards

Stark: Flat Acid Colored UI Kit

Stark is a modern web UI Kit that features a flat style with a soft and acid color palette. It consists 200 components, 90 elements, and 10 categories.

Stark: Flat and Acid Colored UI Kit

DYK: Blog UI Kit Collection

DYK is a collection of 13 homepage variations featuring a resolution of 1920×10000 pixel for website UI kit, perfectly suitable for blogging sites.

DYK: Blog UI Kit Collection

Let’s Go Travel App Concept

Let's Go is an iOS UI concept specifically designed for travel- and tourism-related applications featuring line icons and a flat minimal style.

Let's Go Travel App Concept

Relancer Font

Relancer is a typeface that was designed following a single grid made out of regular circles and squares. The typeface is in uppercase, and contains a few special characters.

Relancer: Single Grid-crafted Typeface

Novu-M Font

Novu-M is a rather futuristic looking typeface that comes in uppercase characters featuring a narrow and regular width style.

Novu-M: Narrow Futuristic Typeface

Stilu Font

Stilu is a sans serif typeface family that comes in four different weights for both regular and oblique styles. It features ligatures, lining, old style figures and more.

Stilu: Sans Serif Typeface Family


Anson is a sans serif font that features straight ends and edges, inspired by a British twin-engine, multi-role aircraft from the World War II.

Anson: Sans Serif Aircraft-inspired Font


Amsdam is a round typeface that includes a tail in most of its diverse characters in order to give a drop-like look.

Amsdam: Round Tail-adorned Typeface

H&S: ECommerce Fashion Web Layout Concept

H&S is a PSD web template that presents a new concept of layout featuring a 24 column 40 pixel-width grid which would allow you to lay out content in a very diverse way.

H&S: ECommerce Fashion Web Layout Concept

Food Magazine Sketch & PSD Template

A PSD & Sketch template that shows a modern tile layout concept for food magazine websites, combining section feature images and flat color backgrounds.

Food Magazine Sketch & PSD Template

Flat Landing Page PSD Bootstrap Template

Hasi is a PSD landing page template for Bootstrap 3 that features a nice and clean flat style and filled icons.

Hasi: Flat Landing Page PSD Bootstrap Template

Wedding Dress ECommerce Web Template

A clean website template that would perfectly suit eCommerce sites for wedding dresses and related products.

Wedding Dress ECommerce Web Template

New Maxx

New Maxx is a WordPress theme designed for multiple purposes that comes with eCommerce features as well as several size containers and sidebars.

New Maxx: WordPress Theme


Zerius is a WordPress theme that has nice parallax effects for smooth navigation, as well as wooCommerce-ready features and custom blocks.

Zerius: Parallax Background WordPress Theme


ClassyLite is a business template that comes ready-to-use with both Bootstrap and WordPress featuring a nice flat design and multi-weight line icons.

ClassyLite: Flat Business WordPress Theme

IDE Micro Code-Editor WordPress Plugin

A shortcode implementation of Codeflask to be embedded into WordPress. It allows you to edit code from WordPress.

IDE Micro Code-editor WordPress Plugin

Google Maps Plugin WordPress Plugin

Intergeo Maps is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to embed customized Google maps directly into your website. You can set initial position and zoom, control settings, manage colors, and more.

Intergeo Maps: Google Maps Plugin WordPress Plugin

Medium: Automated Photo Publisher WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically publish photos onto Medium profiles directly from WordPress.

Medium: Automated Photo Publisher WordPress Plugin

Dual Sliding Panels

A code snippet that generates panels that slide along sidewards in order to deploy a description featured by a background image.

Dual Sliding Panels

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