If you can appreciate a perfectly designed web design, then you’re already giving due to the talent of the creator that made that website possible.

As you know, for every successful website, there’s a mastermind behind all that. And we’re not talking about the webmaster here.

A web designer has the amazing talent which combines computer language expertise and design flare together – two of the much needed skills needed to create websites that work. In other words, a good web designer must possess the necessary skills required to do the job.

If not, the web design would suffer greatly. The human element into making great web designs is an important aspect often overlooked. Be honest, when you look at websites you don’t ever think someone actually put that together for you, right?

Top Web Designer Skill

As you click a button, think that web design is a difficult and challenging job. But someone had to do it. That person worked hard during the late hours testing out every feature to make sure that you (the end user) wouldn’t find the website tough to navigate.

Having talent is one thing, but there are other skills a web designer must possess such as the following:

  • Writing skills – To start with, a web designer’s basic tool is his ability to write a very simple description for the site. This would open up a communication line between the users and the creator. We’re not talking fancy words here. It’s about the ability to use simple language to make a website more appealing.
  • Style Preference – Of course, there should be a design element in place. The web designer must have a style or the creative capacity for the aesthetics. Love for design drives the website look visually pleasing.
  • Branding expertise – Every web designer knows that a website is a brand. Hence, experience in branding is necessary. If not, that designer wouldn’t know which elements or feature would speak to the end users most.
  • Knack for social media – In the same concept, a web designer must be adept with social media marketing. This is quite necessary since every web design must be influenced by social media response. That’s where the end users mostly thrive in.
  • Knowledge on programming language – Without the basic knowledge on HTML or CSS, you won’t be a good designer. This is an absolute must-have since coding is the foundation of every web design project.
  • Thinks out of the box – Having a unique style makes the web design stand out from the rest. The designer must know how to balance the creative aspect and the website’s usability as well. It’s a tough job sometimes but some of the best have done it.
  • SEO skills – A vital element of web design is optimizing the website for search engine purposes. This has to be a necessary skill because the process of web development doesn’t end with the creation of a web page.
  • Business sense – There are many web designers who are part of a team which have to deal with customers every day. This is an added skill to learn – knowing how to manage the business side of the industry.
  • Graphic design skills – This has to work in tandem with creativity. It’s not enough to think of a creative image because it would be quite different to translate that into Photoshop or other design programs. Graphic designs skills are basic.
  • Time management – At the end of the day, you have to meet the timeline of the client. There’s a deadline to accomplish things like all projects must. After all, it’s a business and you’re not giving away your skills for free. But when you have all 10 skills mastered, you’d be the web designer extraordinaire the industry wants.