8 Interesting Facts about Web Design

Everything you can possibly think of in this world already has a dedicated website made in its name. It’s possible that what you ask Google about would have a website explaining what it is. In this world of new age technology, the perks of having information delivered by a click of a button are endless.

website designPeople rely more and more on websites for a lot of reasons – shopping, for research and for entertainment. That’s why there’s always a new website made somewhere in the world because of such high demand, especially in Brisbane! In fact, responsive website design Brisbane has never been in higher demand!


Web design is responsible for creating these websites and it remains to be one of the most profitable the Internet has produced. But there’s a lot more to know about it other than the fact that making websites work is a complicated process.

What Websites in High Demand are Made of

Thousands of websites are being launched everyday making web designs a highly in-demand field of study. But beyond the interface design or the flawless user experience, here are 8 interesting facts about web design:

  • It’s more than designing – Web design involves many different principles working in tandem to create one website. There are skills and disciplines at play every time someone clicks on a button such as graphic design, interface design, authoring, web development language and search engine optimization.
  • It loads in mere seconds – A well-written design program would make a website interface load in mere seconds. That’s the industry limit. Any website that takes longer than 5 seconds to load has a failed web design.
  • Visual appeal (Flash) – All good designs are visually appealing. In the past, Flash-based design made that entirely possible. But that took a lot of time to load which made customers impatient. Eventually, they lost the customer appeal. That’s why Flash-based design is rarely used on web design these days
  • Images draw visitors in – Having lively relevant images of objects, people and things relating to the website help bring visitors into the site. Original photos are an important element which can’t be taken out of play when designing a website.
  • Content matters – Initially, a web designer takes his design cues from the main content of the website. The entire look of the site should be consistent with what the main content can offer. If the site is about shoes, then the design should depict that somehow. This is done primarily to reach a target audience / customers and please them so they’d come back.
  • Relevant content – Any website also needs to have room for other content in the form of infographics or written content. Images may draw a customer in the site but it’s content that makes them come back for more.
  • Web design isn’t web development –Design only involves the aesthetics whereas development refers to the more technical aspect of website creation. In principle, the two couldn’t be more apart. However, they come together in the end.
  • If it’s user friendly, the web design is a success – The main purpose of web design is to make the users want to navigate through the site without being challenged. It should be very user-friendly like the interface almost explains itself. That’s what a successful web design must strive to achieve.

At the end of the day, no one wants to visit a poorly created website. Hence, web design plays into the amount of traffic any website gets. If it delivers in design principles as well as on the practical purposes, then online popularity becomes a non-issue.